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Marketing is the heart and soul of what we do. We’re big believers that there’s still a place for non-digital marketing activities within the mix, alongside the more recent addition of digital marketing which is also a critical factor. Whatever the goal, we will always start with the strategy which will undoubtedly decide the way.


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A crucial part of any campaign is the digital execution. Your team at Mocha is equipped with Social Media Gurus, a Content Writer and Marketing Executives who all know what it takes to create an effective digital strategy. Not only will we help you to find the digital techniques that work best for your business, we will develop a strategy to see your ideas accelerated into plans for success. After executing your plans, we will measure how effective they are with analytics which will be merged into a monthly or quarterly report.


Consulting | PR Campaigns | Crisis Communication & Plans | Press Releases
PR is such an important part of achieving results. There are many different types of public relations, but for a business it’s all about how you communicate. Business PR is all about enhancing your company’s reputation. This can be achieved in many ways, such as submitting articles and news stories that will grab attention. A good press release or campaign can result in you gaining more customers, which will eventually equal in more sales. Our PR team is your PR team and we strive to get the best results for your business, through local, national and even international press. It’s also good to have a PR team at hand when things go wrong, because we are experts, we can find a solution and resolve the issue. Good PR doesn’t just happen overnight – it takes strategic planning!


Series of Marketing Workshops | Coaching | Mentoring | Strategy
So you have the team to do the output but you need some strategic support? Or maybe you have an ambition to give it a go yourself? Our senior management team have done a lot of consulting and mentoring throughout their careers and can work with you and your team to guide them in the right direction.   The areas of our consulting are: > Marketing strategies > Marketing planning and output > PR > Evaluation and monitoring 


PR Events | Charity Events | Product Launches | Exhibitions | Event Management
Ah, we do love a good event! And who better to work with you on your event’s than our team led by three Directors who have all worked in the sports industry and know all about the meaning of ‘bums on seats’! Not only can we work with you on the strategy and plan to achieve your event goals, we can manage your event from start to finish. Here’s just a few areas our events team are on hand for: > Event planning to a timeline with a strategic approach  > Meeting and organising venues / caterers / entertainers etc. > PR for an event > Marketing and social media for an event  > Risk assessments and paperwork  > Sending out invites and managing responses  > Full event management for exhibitions, product launches, press events, networking events, charity events (the list goes on) > Stand design and dressing  > Creative campaign and promotional goods 

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