"Using Mocha over the past few years has made a huge difference to my company"

What we did:The brief...

To take this to the next level, during 2018 Mick gained funding from The Midlands Engine Investment Fund (MEIF). This funding included a budget to spend on Marketing and PR to help him expand on his initial success. Mick wisely decided to use Mocha! We became fully responsible for Ventola’s marketing material and press.

What we did:The solution...

Breaking into the USA was a first for us. To ensure it was successful we:

  • Set up US social channels across all platforms and utilised the visual lighting
  • Curated stories and distributed them to the US local and industry press
  • Created media content such as videos which were used on a Ventola Projects booth for a leisure industry expo in Las Vegas
  • We created targeted email campaigns to entertainment facility owners.
  • Made sure all our content used the right spellings, words and phrases for our American reader.


Since Mocha Marketing helped launch Ventola Projects US, Ventola Project’s turnover in the USA has increased by over 30%! With this success, Mick has gained achievements such as; Regional finalist for International Business of the Year at the FSB awards and being chosen as a Midlands Engine Export Champion to HM Department for International Trade in the UK. An Export Champion is someone who is an ambassador for the UK Government who encourages and mentors other like-minded businesses on the export potential of UK manufactured goods and services around the world. Mocha and Ventola Projects now have a solid relationship with Mick being a long-term, valued client.

Client feedback:

“Using Mocha over the past few years has made a huge difference to my company. Not only have they become Ventola’s marketing department, I see them as part of my team. They are dedicated to getting to know the business so that any marketing plan heads in the right direction. They have helped me to increase my turnover in the USA, which has led to me gaining personal achievement such as being a finalist for International Business of the Year and becoming an export champion. We have a great relationship and the team are so easy to communicate with and help me to accelerate my idea into success!”